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Tourist Attractions : ICNS5 : 5th International Conference on Nanostructures
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Iranian Nanotechnology Society

Tourist Attractions

Kish Beaches

The coral beaches of Kish sparkle in the sunlight. This is something, which the sandy beaches of many resort areas around the world do not offer. The seawater near the beach is crystal clear and one can see the bottom of the sea up to a far distance. This is, of course, due to the corals around the island, which purify the water. Relative to its area, Kish has one of the longest beach stretches. Unlike the crowded beaches elsewhere, the beach here is a relaxing and peaceful place. The fish and other marine life in the coastal waters of Kish are very unique. Visitors lose track of time when watching these species which are easily visible. At the same time, the best quality edible fish is caught here. The coastal waters of Kish are among the safest in the world. There are no sharks and swimming is totally safe. Tourists can use this beach and enjoy the sun and water all year round.

The Ancient Town of Harireh

If you are interested in historical monuments, you are recommended seeing the ruins of historical cities of Harireh. Harireh is most probably the town that the renowned Iranian poet, Sa'adi, (1195–1226 AD), referred to in his book as 'The Rose Garden'. There are references to the location of the town on the island in the works of Iranian and Arab historians. These say that the town was situated in the middle of the northern part, precisely where the ruins are standing today. The ruins of the ancient city of Harireh measure around 120 hectares. This vast area surface tells the tale that a large and prosperous city once existed in this region with a thriving population. What remains of it today is a volume of urban architecture, but rarely will an arch, cover, or ceiling be seen intact, except for a few instances where arched stone ceilings have remained unharmed from the detriments of destruction. The Port of ancient Harireh was a concrete, well-knit city with extrovert architecture. Here, there are no signs of an introvert, self-defending architecture which can be seen in other historic cities in Iran.

A tour of Harireh can give visitors a chance to imagine the ancient times of Iran. Then, a short stroll over to Derakht-e-Sabz (Green Tree) Park will provide a chance of relaxation in a tranquil atmosphere.

Traditional Water Reservoir

Drinking water in Kish is somehow limited. That is why, since ancient times, the indigenous people resorted to different methods of supplying their drinking water. The remnants of some of them attest to this fact.

As in many other areas of the country where water is scarce, the past inhabitants of Kish used a special type of water reservoir to collect rainwater. These reservoirs were dug at the end of natural basins deep in the ground. With the innovation of desalination technology traditional water reservoirs became obsolete. But, what is remained is a sight to visit for tourists. The architecture of these structures is unique and very interesting.

To collect surface waters, two such reservoirs were built in the Portuguese Valley in 1992. The water collected is being used to irrigate the parks and green areas.

An ancient water reservoir is Payab. It has been restored and is now one of the attractions of the island. Payab is over 2,000 years old. Once it was renovated, the floor was carpeted with corals. A teahouse has also been provided to serve refreshments to visitors. In Persian, Payab means the bottom of the sea.

The Mysterious Greek Ship on the Beautiful Coral Island

In the west of the island, a massive ship has landed in the azure waters on the shores of Kish, which is known as the Greek Ship. On a hot summer's day, Kish natives saw a massive ship which had run aground near Baqou village with great astonishment. With the passing of years, the reason for the ship running aground remains behind a haze of obscurity. The ship was built by the William Hamilton Company in 1943, weighing 7061 tons and measuring 136 meters in length in Glasgow – Scotland.

The Dutch tugboat, Orinoko, spent 80 days in vain trying to pull the ship out. Many failed attempts were made to free it, but the passengers were finally forced to abandon ship, because it was not financially feasible to move it. Information obtained from Lloyds of London insurance company show that the ship flew a Greek flag and was called Kolaof at the time. The ship's first name was "The Emperor's Horn", then "Naturalist", and in the years 1959 to one year before its final anchorage, it was owned by the Iranian ship company and was called "Cyrus Fars" and "Hamedan". Watching the sun set slowly behind the Greek Ship in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf is an unforgettable and lasting memory.

Diving & Marine Clubs

Favorable weather and sea conditions throughout the year and the tourism situation of Kish have resulted in this Island housing the largest and best equipped water sports and recreational facilities of the country. The sports and recreational facilities and clubs include opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving courses, jet skiing, diving cruises, water skiing, sea skiffs, cruises to other islands around Kish, parasailing, jet boat rides, cruise fishing boats, pedal boating, banana boat rides, and windsurfing.

The sports and water sports centers are open at 9 AM and usually welcome customers until sunset. Swimming is very refreshing in the limpid waters of Kish Island. There is a well-equipped beach for women, which is presently hosting customers on the northern side of the Island. The largest, well-equipped leisure complex for ladies is being built on the eastern beach, with an area of 25 000 meters.

Diving on Kish Islands is easy and relaxed for all levels of experience.You have the choice of fringing coral reefs, pinnacles and a shipwreck.

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