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Top 10 Posters : ICNS5 : 5th International Conference on Nanostructures
Organized by


Supported by

Iranian Nanotechnology Society

Top 10 Posters

Top Ten Posters were introduced according to arbitration of National and International arbitrators.

It is our great pleasure to announce following list as selective Top Ten posters of ICNS5:

“Using WCSPH for Investigating Nano Fibers Effects on Falling Cylinder Transient Behavior in Viscoelastic Fluids with the aim of Rheometery Applications”

By Mohammad Mehdi Kamyabi

“Simulation of a Flexible Polymer Wall Behavior in a Nanochannel Flow via Dissipative Particle Dynamics Method”

By Somayeh Jafari

“High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy with Atomic-Scale Resolution using Separate-Type XY and Z Scanner with Screw Cantilever Holding Mechanism”

By Mohammah Reza Akrami

“Separation of Deformable Hydrogel Microparticles in deterministic Lateral Displacement Devices”

By Masoumeh Ghasemi

“Highly Selective Colorimetric Nanosensor for Detection of Mercury, Based on Different Types of Biocompatible Silver Nanoparticles”

By Rezvan Iravani

“Wet Adhesion of Nano-Scale Menisci in Presence of Equilibrium Vapor Adsorption”

By Marjan Zakerian

“Fabrication of a Biosensor for Detection of Staphylococcus Saprophyticus”

By Reyhaneh Ghane Motlagh

“Gold Nanocluster as Fluorescence Probes for Folic Acid Determination”

By Fatemeh Shakerizadeh Shirazi

“ Electronic Properties if Bilayer Graphene and Graphyne”

By Alireza Karami Gazafi

” Nematic Colloids Close to a Curved Surface”

By Zahra Eskandari

Note: Those who have not received their awards are requested to refer to secretariat of Nano Research Center of Sharif University of Technology.

Sponsoring ICNS5